look at the lawman.

"He just saw a man in a hat pointing a gun at Boyd."

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brb crying


brb crying

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Justified - Season 5

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Justified season 5

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Is there anything Boyd wouldn’t do for Ava? Justified returns Tuesday, January 7 on FX.

female heroes: [19/?] ava crowder

female heroes: [19/?] ava crowder

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"What would happen if I found something here that made me not want to leave?"

Season 1: Raylan/Ava; requested by kuningatar

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Ava Crowder - season one

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Walton Goggins & Joelle Carter for the LA Times 

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Ava Crowder - Season Four


Ava Crowder - Season Four

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I know this ain’t exactly how most people do it, professing their love over a box of cash. But the way I see it, Ava Crowder, you and me…well, we ain’t like most people.

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